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Originally formed as the Whistler Alpine Club by a number of local Whistler enthusiasts, the WAC became a section of the Alpine Club of Canada in an effort to combine with a national organization dedicated to human–powered outdoor pursuits in general and mountain-based activities.

The club’s goal is to unite outdoor enthusiasts who share a common interest in non-mechanized mountain activities in the Whistler Area. Since Whistler is a community with significant population dynamics, the club helps to connect people, regardless of how long they have been in Whistler.

We organize outdoor activities and programs to improve technical, safety and leadership skills. Members can meet at our meetings (Red items in calendar) or at one of the social events that we organize. We also commit to help promote environmental friendly behaviours through the national club by investing in eco-funds, funding other eco-organizations and organizing eco-awareness activities. We are also active with other associations involving trail and climbing area maintenance and are constantly involved on the negotiation front to keep access to existing climbing and touring areas and to open new areas.

Our trip leaders are generally volunteers, and all participants on trips will be required to sign a waiver provided by the national club. Depending on the year and the number of qualified leaders available, we have had over 90 trips head out in a winter season, bearing in mind that a winter season can be multiple months long!

Contacting Us

You can get in contact with us by Email at accwhistler@gmail.com. Please note that it may take some time for a reply.


ACC Logo

The Whistler Section is one of the regional sections that make up the Alpine Club of Canada, Canada’s national mountaineering organization. We welcome all those who enjoy and love to recreate in the mountains. Whether you like to climb cliffs, frozen waterfalls, mountains, or hike, backcountry ski or perhaps have an interest in preserving the mountain environment, we encourage you to join us. We are a club suitable for members of all ages and abilities. If doesn’t matter if you are a new to mountain sports or if you have many years of experience. We are welcoming, supportive, and love meeting new people.

How to Join

The Whistler Section of the ACC is a local chapter of the Alpine Club of Canada, Canada’s national mountaineering organization. When you join the club you become a member of both the National ACC and a local section.

  1. Go here and select the type of membership you want.
  2. Follow the wizard, making sure you select Whistler as your Primary Section. Please note that if you choose to join another section (for example, Vancouver), there is an additional cost. Some people like to belong to several sections. Don’t feel you have to.
  3. Pay online with a credit card and voila! Welcome to ACC Whistler. We’re happy to have you join us on our adventures.

For more information on the fee structure, visit the membership section of the national website.

Wendy Thompson

Born in Montreal in 1961, Wendy was a Whistler resident from the early 1980s until the early 1990s. She was a ski patroller on Blackcomb Mountain for five years with a special interest in helicopter rescues. At the same time, in addition to serving as a volunteer officer with the Whistler RCMP, she became involved as a part-time paramedic with the British Columbia Ambulance Service in Whistler.

Wendy transferred to Vancouver to become fully active in ambulance work. Partly because of her dedicated love of children, she became part of the the BCAS Infant Transport Team. It was on a mercy flight to the Queen Charlotte Islands on January 11, 1995 that the jet aircraft carrying her crew was lost at sea off Masset. All medical staff and air crew were killed.

Wendy loved the mountains, and did a lot of hiking, climbing, and cycling on the Coast and in the Rockies. If the Whistler Section of the Alpine Club of Canada had been in existence while she lived here, she would certainly have been an active member.

Wendy’s estate has furnished the capital funding for construction of the “Wendy Thompson Hut”. May all who use it enjoy a wonderful mountain experience.

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