Reservation request


  1. Check if there is space available on the calendar
  2. In order to allow us to transition to our new hut reservation system, reservation requests can be made no more than 90 days prior to the first night at the hut.  Requests for stays from December 15, 2019 and later will be accepted starting September 15

  3. Fill in the reservation request form below–include the first and last names of all of your group members. Include any membership numbers with those names. Ensure that your date requested is in the DAY/MONTH/YEAR format, as people have missed reservations because they used the wrong format…
  4. Afterwards, pay the whole fee NOTE! This takes place in a separate step
  5. Within 3-7 days you will get an email confirming your request and, if possible, your booking
  6. Print a copy of your confirmation, which will advise anyone you show it to that you have booked for a certain number of people for a certain day and that you have paid your fee. Bring this copy with you to the hut in case you are asked for it by the custodians.
  7. Make sure you have read our cancellation policy