The Wendy Thompson Hut

Please Read this page fully and carefully. It has important and new information.


**Please note rates have been in effect for visits from December 1, 2015 onwards and are not changed for this year**

The Wendy Thompson Hut is a reservations-only based hut.

In order to allow us to transition to our new hut reservation system, reservation requests can be made no more than 90 days prior to the first night at the hut.  Requests for stays from December 15, 2019 and later will be accepted starting September 15

You must have a confirmed reservation to stay at the hut. Please note that your reservation is not confirmed until:

a) pre-payment has been received and acknowledged with an email receipt

b) you have received an email stating that you and your party are booked

Currently the only way to make a reservation for the Wendy Thompson Hut is online.

**Please ensure that you bring a printed copy of your confirmation with you to the hut for verification by the custodian.

Please understand that it may take from three to seven days for your reservation request to be processed. Reservations made from Wednesday on for a weekend may not be processed in time for your visit. Please plan ahead.

To make a reservation:

1) Scroll down to the bottom of this page and check the availability on the calendar. If the hut is booked, the date you desire will state that the hut is fully booked.

2) Make sure you are familiar with our Cancellation policy

3) Click the Reservation button

Please ensure that you complete all requisite information, including your party members’ full names, member #’s if applicable, and that you have formatted your information according to the instructions on the form.

Note: The Wendy Thompson Hut receives a high number of reservation requests, especially for Saturday nights during the winter season. We recommend booking at least 7 days in advance. Requests sent on a Thursday night for Friday booking will not be received in time and you will not have a reservation. This means that you may head out to the hut only to discover that it is fully occupied. Contacting the national office will not expedite this procedure. This is an ACC–Whistler Section Hut.


**Rates have not been changed since the renovation in summer of 2015. A further renovation for 2017 includes new custodian/guides’ quarters and 4″ covered foam mattresses in the bunks. The rate continues to be $20 per person per night, or $15 if you are an Alpine Club of Canada member.**  Please note that all monies collected go to maintenance and improvement of this hut. Each year a great many days of labour go into keeping Wendy’s legacy alive and the improvements you will have noticed over the years have been made possible by the contributions of our users and our wonderful volunteers!

The maximum number of people to stay in the hut is 16. (Dogs are free, but must be kept outside the hut. Please make sure your pooch is ok with potentially sharing the area around the hut with another pup.) Up to four ACCWhistler custodians may also be in attendance at the hut.

The booking rate applies even if you are camping outside or around the hut but use the outhouse or hut facilities (for example, the kitchen or dining area). This is simply to be fair to those who are staying in the hut, as you are taking space and facilities when you do this and you are benefiting from the facility.

At the same time, those occupying the hut with a reservation are expected to extend backcountry hospitality to those visiting the hut. We often have parties who have become cold or wet stop to dry off at the hut. Help them get squared away. Wendy would approve.

Hut Capacity

The hut will sleep up to 16 persons comfortably on the mattresses provided in the bunk room upstairs.

Please note that up to four ACC Whistler members may be in attendance on any weekend as custodians and may be staying in the custodian room.

Please also note that helicopter or sled assistance or access is not permitted anywhere in the Marriott Basin. The area is zoned non-mechanized, and we are expected to maintain that usage as a condition of our tenure.

What You’ll Find At The Hut

**Further renovations were completed in September 2017. Approximate 230 volunteer days went into the renovations that in 2015 and over 90 volunteer days have been put in in the past two weeks as of 171001. This is fairly typical of the annual volunteer contribution.**

The hut is a modest gothic-arch styled cabin. There are two floors. The lower floor contains the main entrance on the north side (in the winter it is often below the snow pack surface although frequently a trail is dug down to the door), which hosts a kitchen table, two six person tables, four long benches (good for 16 people), and four folding chairs (these can be hung from hooks in the mudroom for more space for small groups). There are two banquettes that will seat up to four people each but are more comfortable for three each There are four sinks (with  buckets underneath), and a counter with three cook stations for you to cook and do kitchen prep.

Please have a good look around before you get going in the hut. There are buckets provided for gray water and for pure water pulled from the creek. Keep them separate. New pots have been moved into the hut and all fire extinguishers have been checked and replaced where necessary. A new custodian/guides’ room is in construction. Please leave that area for these people to use. Finally, the floor on both levels has been repainted. To help maintain this, use only indoor footwear in the hut and please keep your dogs outside.

As of 2017, there are three defined food prep cooking stations. Unfortunately, as a result of negligence and misuse, we have had to remove the two Coleman white gas stoves. You must now bring your own cooking stove. Please prepare your meals on the counters provided and do not leave your stove and food prep on the counters while eating. While the hut is larger, it is still not the Orpheum and requires users to be considerate of others.

There are sufficient utensils, plates, cups, and cooking pots for a full hut of visitors. Please re-rack them after cleaning. As well, one Coleman propane stove is left out for public use, but fuel will need to be brought in. This stove gets HARD use and may not be functional when you arrive…

A note on foodstuffs. Please, please do not leave ANY food at the hut. Despite best intentions, these foods attract rodents and other small mammals, who attempt to chew their way into the hut. We do not have custodians into the hut every week, so it is up to users to remove materials that they have brought to the hut.

A note on cleaning. Please do your best to keep the hut as clean as possible. It’s a good idea to bring in a small dish sponge and two dish towels to dry your dishes. Please do not leave used sponges or towels in the hut. They also attract rodents. Bleach has been left in the kitchen to help purify dish washing and washing up the counters. 

Upstairs is a loft which contains the sleeping area with a large bunk bed. There are no single beds. You must bring your own sleeping bag but we have added new 4″ covered foam mats for sleeping. Please leave these mattresses on the bunks and do not move them around the hut. Please respect the space of other users. There are shelves on the wall opposite the beds and hooks to hang packs and stuff sacs from. Ear plugs are recommended to improve sleep quality.

Heating for the Wendy Thompson Hut for the past four years has been provided by a wood stove. This stove was vandalized on three different occasions in the 2016 season, with a break-in during the extreme fire hazard this late summer. The stove has been replaced at a cost of $5500 including helicopter and not including volunteer time; please be aware that we cannot afford to do regular replacements without raising hut fees, so it is important that users respect the facilities.

Note as well, that a great deal of volunteer time and helicopter transport was needed to provide the three-and-a-half cords stacked at the hut the first season and the six cords stacked the second season. In both cases, 2/3 of the wood was burned in the first six weeks and re-supplies took place. Fortunately, our new stove is much more efficient than the old one, but just the same we have already made two different firewood deliveries to the hut this season. These are expensive, as they involve helicopter time and difficult logistics in the winter environment. This year, there will be measures put into place to reduce the amount of wood used during any particular part of the season. Please respect these measures.

Please use the wood according to the posted instructions at the hut and be mindful that the season is a long one. A small hatchet for creating kindling is cabled at the wood storage. Axes or splitting mauls are not to be brought into the hut. A good plan is to bring some dry kindling in your pack to make it easier to light the stove. Please do not keep the stove burning if you are out for the day or over night. This is a backcountry hut and it is not expected to be t-shirt warm in the evenings. Based on user contributions from past years, we have supplied as much wood as we are able to provide and maintain a balanced budget.

Note that the wood burning stove may be locked from May to the end of October, as temperatures do not warrant heating.

In 2015, a $3500 solar lighting system was added to the hut. Under normal usage, three banks of light can be maintained during dark hours. Please only use the lights that are necessary for your purposes, but feel free to use whatever light you require. Note that the lights are on a two hour timer and will shut off after that time. Please do not adjust the time sequence. Just turn them on with a quick touch and turn them off when you don’t need them. Timing begins when they are switched back on. There are four USB chargers also located beside the switches.

Outhouse facilities are located outside of the hut, around back. Please be respectful of the natural environment and only put human waste and toilet paper inside. There is a marked pee tree to the east of the hut on the way to the outhouse. Please use this whenever possible. Do not leave used tissue paper at the tree–the snow does eventually melt! Gray water can also be dumped beyond this tree next to the rock after it has been filtered.

Please check the barrel status at the beginning of your stay and make changes if necessary. Instructions are posted on the wall of the outhouse and inside the cabin. It is NOT cool to leave a poo volcano for someone else to deal with. The entrance to the barrel chamber is on the back of the building where there is a small trap door. Please be careful going in and out of this door…it’s a bit of a drop to the inside first step. A headlamp is a good idea. You will find gloves hanging up to use for moving the barrels.

Note that we fly the barrels out once a year, and garbage can create problems with our pumping system, increasing costs to the hut maintenance. Barrel changing is easy and can normally be accomplished by one person.

Cancellation Policy

We require all bookings to be paid in advance.

Please note that the Wendy Thompson Hut is located in the backcountry, in Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale (ATES) Challenging terrain. The winter route is NOT marked, and you will be responsible for route-finding and navigating.

Your reservation is the same as a hotel. If you are unable to make it to the hut because of navigation error or fatigue or group dynamics, we cannot refund your payment. However, if the avalanche conditions as rated by Avalanche Canada South Coast Inland bulletin on the days you are to be at the hut, are HIGH or EXTREME, as stated within 24 hours of your departure, we will refund you in full if you wish to cancel.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the extent of the South Coast Inland region, bulletins may sometimes make a distinction between avalanche ratings for the southern portion of the region and the northern portion. The Wendy Thompson Hut is located in the northern portion, on the Duffey. Certain storm cycles or warming trends increase the avalanche danger to “High” at the south end of the region while it remains lower on the Duffey. The bulletin will clearly state if this situation is likely to occur. Please read the bulletin carefully to understand the correct stated danger rating. Look in the bulletin archives for February 3, 2018 for a good example of this type of bulletin.

Cancellation notice given via email to accwhistler AT 7 days or more prior the first night’s stay will be given a full refund. We are not trying to be punitive; rather we want to give everyone equal opportunity to stay at the hut. Giving us 7 days (or more) notice allows us enough time to contact the next party on the waiting list.


If you any questions about staying at the hut, please forward them to the team at accwhistler AT If you notice anything wrong with the hut or have suggestions, please send to the same address.