Frequently Asked Questions About Wendy Thompson Hut

Have a question about the Wendy Thompson Hut? Check here before sending an email. We may have heard it before.

Is there cell service at the hut?

No. You lose cell service shortly after driving up the Duffey Lake Road.

What happens if I don’t make it to the hut because I got lost? Do I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we are not responsible for navigation challenges and per our cancellation policy we issue refunds if 7 days’ notice is given or if the avalanche rating as stated on Avalanche Canada’s site is at High or Extreme 24 hours before your trip begins.

I don’t see my reservation on the calendar. Am I booked in?

Please be patient. Your reservation request is being processed and will be responded to in the order it came through. Some days we receive an upwards of 20 requests so go through them accordingly.

I booked my spot but then was told I don’t have a spot. What happened?

We process reservations on a first come, first paid basis so someone may have sent in a request and paid before you did.

Why can’t I book for next season?

This is a volunteer job and in order to reduce the high volume of requests, we process only one season at a time. You can book for the next season once this one ends.

I cancelled my reservation but haven’t received a refund. Why is this?

Please be patient. Due to the high volume of emails, questions, and requests that we receive it may take a few weeks to send you your refund.

Is it ok for me to ski or snowshoe in by myself and meet my group later on?

This is not a decision we can make for you; however, solo travel in the backcountry is never recommended for a variety of safety reasons.

I heard that there have been avalanches nearby in the past. Can I get a refund for my reservation?

Per our cancellation policy you can receive a refund if you cancel with 7 days’ (or more) notice, or if the avalanche rating by Avalanche Canada is High or Extreme 24 hours before the start of your trip.

Is the winter trail route marked?

No. You will need to use navigation and route-finding skills to get to the hut in the winter. We do not recommend relying on GPS coordinates to arrive at the hut.

Is the hut locked?

No. Just walk right on it.

Are there sleeping mattresses in the hut?

No. Please bring your own.

Can I just show up at the hut and expect to find space to sleep?

This is highly unadvisable because you may head out to the hut only to find out it is full.

Can I camp outside the hut?

The purpose of the hut is to reduce environmental impact. Having tents around the hut put environmental strain on the area. There are meadows and other places to tent further from the hut.

If I camp, why do I have to pay the same fee as everyone else?

The fees for the hut go toward waste removal from the outhouse and we request all campers to use the outhouse in order to reduce environmental impact to the area.

Can I bring my dog?

We ask that dogs remain outside to be fair to all users of the hut. Not everyone is comfortable around dogs, for a variety of reasons.